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  1. Random tinder guy (yes, we matched)
  2. @polarpops basking in her fabulousness
  3. Megan just knew!
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In no particular order. I have love for all kinds of characters.
  1. John Reese - Person of Interest
    Jim Caviezel is smoking hot. He talks like the Dark Knight at all times which is simultaneously sexy and comical. He's a selfless ex CIA spy turned super vigilante who takes orders from an all knowing Artificial Intelligence machine.
  2. Max Evans - Roswell
    Max was the leader of a teenage group of students with Alien past lives and powers. Although rather stoic, he was fearless and so hot.
  3. Amanda/Helen Collins - Nikita
    Amanda (formerly known as Helen before she escaped her fathers experiment chamber and killed her sister whose name was actually Amanda and who actually was known to the world to exist and stole her identity) was an executive member of a black ops government group. She was psychotic, dangerous, and fabulous.
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  1. Double Live (1998) - Garth Brooks
    This is a live concert of his greatest hits. I don't hate country music, but I am certainly no fan. Somehow, I still can't resist GARTH. His voice is immaculate. I fell in love the very first time I listened to this album. He sings with so much joy and fervor. I'm a fan of the fun tunes and the sappy ones. Personal favorites : Shameless, We Shall Be Free, Standing Outside the Fire, The River, The Thunder Rolls, The Dance.
  2. #1's (1998) - Mariah Carey
    This album is also a greatest hits release of sorts. She wanted off her label, but still legally had to release one more album. She decided to release a self-congratulatory (Oh Mimi..) album containing only songs of hers that had gone number one. The first time I listened to this album was the first time I really paid attention to her. I was astounded by her voice. So big. So flexible. I'm still infected to this day. Standouts: Fantasy, Always Be My Baby, Honey, Vision of Love, My All
  3. The Writing's on the Wall (1999) - Destiny's Child
    This is actually the first album I owned and it solidified my gayness. This album was the first time I noticed how intriguing singing was. Beyoncé sang so quickly & so rhythmically. It was truly hypnotizing. I was 7 years old by the way. I listened to their CD all day EVERYDAY. As a young, gay, chubby kid, I loved all of the sassy tell-off tunes. Favorites: Bills Bills Bills, So Good, Bug a Boo, Jumpin Jumpin, Stay (song about a young teen wanting her bf to wait for sex. I used to cry to this)
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Always entertaining.
  1. 5:13PM: he picks me up from work State Farm 🙃
  2. 5:30PM: we go through Mike's car wash, where he has a $60 per month membership for unlimited car washes
  3. 5:45PM: Nate and I dine at hooters which is conveniently adjacent to the car wash
    He said he wasn't feeling well so he ~only~ ordered fries, salad, and 2 beers. I got cheese fries and 15 chicken wings. THANK GOD I only ate 13 of them.
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  1. 1.
    Ryan pretending to be this dog: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4UqO_KDbt9Q
  2. 2.
    Britney is saying it all
  3. 3.
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Sadly, I'm being dead serious.
  1. 1.
    Mariah Carey
    She's my religion
  2. 2.
    Brittany Bass
  3. 3.
    Jordan Norris
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  1. 10. Vision of Love- this song introduced Mariah to the world. Not a personal favorite. It's influence cannot be denied. Her voice spans 5 octaves in one song. She made made melismatic singing the standard, for better or worse, and birthed an entire generation of singers: beyonce, xtina, kelly clarkson.... and every third American idol wannabe.
  2. 9. Underneath the Stars-very underrated/unknown song from her album daydream. Take a listen. Tells the story of a young summertime crush/fling.
  3. 8. Emotions-again not a personal favorite, but it is a great/fun song. This song served one purpose: Mariah to show off. She showed off. She goes higher and higher and higher to the point that song can barely contain her soaring notes.
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I woke up in the attic again
  1. Paiton wakes me up to look for her boots. I tell her to shut the fuck up. To my surprise, it's already 9:30am.
  2. Regretfully, I'm up for the day
  3. Tara, Abby, and Hope join us and we recap the night, discuss departure/breakfast options
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