1. 10. Vision of Love- this song introduced Mariah to the world. Not a personal favorite. It's influence cannot be denied. Her voice spans 5 octaves in one song. She made made melismatic singing the standard, for better or worse, and birthed an entire generation of singers: beyonce, xtina, kelly clarkson.... and every third American idol wannabe.
  2. 9. Underneath the Stars-very underrated/unknown song from her album daydream. Take a listen. Tells the story of a young summertime crush/fling.
  3. 8. Emotions-again not a personal favorite, but it is a great/fun song. This song served one purpose: Mariah to show off. She showed off. She goes higher and higher and higher to the point that song can barely contain her soaring notes.
  4. 7. The Roof- another not very well known Mariah bop. She sits back in the beat on this number and coos along. It's melodic/smooth/lyrically driven. My interpretation: she hooked up with a guy on an nyc rooftop after her divorce and never saw this man again, but every time she feels lonely she reminisces about that encounter and the thrill/freedom
  5. 6. Honey- Mimi was born. Gone with the balls gowns and half updos... In with the mini skirts, crop tops, swooped bangs, and rappers.
  6. 5. Breakdown- repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Love this one. Listen. She sits back in the beat and basically mimics bone thugz's hypnotizing delivery
  7. 4. Always be my baby- pop perfection. She nailed it.
  8. 3. We Belong Together-they counted her out. She came back. Second longest #1 song in history. The longest record also belongs to Mariah for the song one sweet day... Which unfortunately did not make this list. Fast verses, catchy hook. She bypasses a key change or even a bridge and jumps up an entire octave for the climax.
  9. 2. Fantasy- Mariah's most important song. She invented the pop star/rapper collaboration. This is now commonplace. It was unheard of before ms. Carey. Another pop masterpiece. She drips and oozes.
  10. 1. All I Want For Christmas Is You.