I woke up in the attic again
  1. Paiton wakes me up to look for her boots. I tell her to shut the fuck up. To my surprise, it's already 9:30am.
  2. Regretfully, I'm up for the day
  3. Tara, Abby, and Hope join us and we recap the night, discuss departure/breakfast options
  4. Tara disagrees with a suggestion and thinks more food is needed and she suggests panera bread??????? Panera bread.
  5. We revisit the Adele vs Mariah topic. None of this makes sense to me. Adele is amazing. She is not welcome in a discussion, vocally, with Mariah Carey.
  6. Mariah Carey does not know Adele Adkins.
  7. "I don't know her"
  8. Dutifully, we eat at skyline. Because Sunday.
  9. In genuinely sad news, I find out that Daniel, Céline Dion's brother lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Her husband René battled cancer and died just days ago.
  10. Aaron, Michael, and Emily agreed we owed it to Céline to listen to some her of her hits on the way home, out of respect
  11. I'm thinking about how horrible works sounds tomorrow
  12. So far, it's been an alright Sunday.