I love music, but I dislike most American indie rock. It is often the sonic equivalent of Shakespeare's famous quote, "full of sound and fury signifying nothing." Please note that the amazing Minutemen are exempt from this list. They wrote and sang about real issues and largely avoided misanthropy.
  1. Web in Front: Archers of Loaf. I have no idea what this song is about, but it's economical, clocking in at under three minutes. "All I ever wanted was to be your spine" is a clever turn of phrase.
  2. Shudder to Think: X-French T-Shirt. The title is frankly ridiculous. Craig Wedren's vocals are different, which I like. The stuttering time signatures are fun too.
  3. Death of Samantha: Harlequin Tragedy. Consider this the "Dead or alive" opus of indie rock. The guitars sound very mainstream, and there is no aural justification for why it never received serious airplay on rock radio. The line "Well, we're living for nothing and dying for less" is forever on point; it never grows old.
  4. Superchunk: Slack Motherfucker. This probably the best song about work from the 1990s; in fact, it might be the best song ever recorded about work. It's not especially interesting sonically - its chord progression resembles .38 Special's Caught Up on You - but it's good fun.