Canada edition
  1. Regina, Saskatchewan: favorite story was a documentary for CBC Radio on what happens to a person without family who dies alone
  2. La Ronge, Saskatchewan: CBC outpost closed down years ago, I think. Hundreds of kilometers north of Saskatoon
  3. Iqaluit, Nunavut: it's above the treeline, resembles a lunar scape. Don't remember any of my stories, but I recall a reporter using Aqua's Barbie Girl in a news report
  4. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories: bought a Snow Goose parka - non-fashion edition - a terrific investment. Might have done a stories about gold, diamonds, government
  5. Inuvik, Northwest Territories: spent a long time (18 months or so). In that time, I managed to cancel a jury trial with a news story, upset all of my CBC coworkers & journalists from the newspaper & offend two or three communities
  6. Sydney, Nova Scotia: hosted the morning show, endured Cape Breton xenophobia, learned to hate Celtic music
  7. Halifax, Nova Scotia: worked as a reporter while in grad school. Was told Africanist was too fancy a word by a producer. Disappointed same producer for not knowing where police station and drunk tank was located
  8. St. John's, Newfoundland: interviewed the former premier Danny Williams for The National, a UAE newspaper. Williams mentioned the Qatar campus of the local college
  9. Toronto: reported on strange subjects for The National: university strikes, pseudo-empirical survey denigrating Toronto, Tamil-Canadian fissures and more. Now, I'm just serve as a replacement-level presenter for Hourly radio news on CBC