The band I play guitar in had a midnight set at a Toronto club last night. Our brand of electro-shock post-punk was heartily embraced by the few people in attendance.
  1. Advantage: people two decades younger compliment my guitar playing.
  2. Disadvantage: playing at midnight is a pain in the ass. I'm exhausted before taking the stage.
  3. Advantage: playing original music is perhaps the most effective catharsis for me.
  4. Disadvantage: I need to remember to protect my ears from the loud volume in the monitor.
  5. Advantage: I can tell students I'm seeking to resist mediocrity through this music.
  6. Disadvantage: My status in the band is tenuous. The beat maker/DJ/visionary is always on the lookout for better guitarists and vocalists.
  7. Advantage: I'm old enough to know and not care. I just play vocalize and have fun.
  8. Disadvantage: Not getting enough sleep results in a lack of energy with my almost four-year-old son in the morning before he goes to school.
  9. Advantage: I feel more creative, and I think that's important. I work on my belief that art should be grounded in realism, instead of escapism. For me, despite the flaws and the fact I need to buy a new effects pedal, music remains liberating.