Unlike most people on this list, I'm not American and do not live in the US. My brother, @josh, does and so does our sister. I'm Canadian by virtue of birth and circumstance. But I typically loathe all forms of nationalism.
  1. How an amendment from an anachronistic document - that'd be the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, in the Constitution - supersedes the right to life. That right is enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights from 1948.
  2. Death by gun is an epidemic that is treatable: policy change. Yet an anachronism is viewed as immutable. Until change occurs, more people will be condemned to death. History will keep repeating with tragic consequences.
  3. How the wealthiest country in the world - I'm assuming China hasn't surpassed the US - cannot provide free health care. Canada's system is deeply flawed, but there's an effort to try and help the poorest and weakest in society. The US maintains an illogical belief that health care should be subject to market forces.
  4. It beggars belief that Republicans view free health care as a horrific intrusion into your personal space. This view is most fascinating, given the long, privacy-removing run of the unlamented Patriot Act.
  5. How a symbol of entrenched racism like the Confederate flag can be used in 2015. It's a reminder that close to half the population are viewed as subhuman. That's reinforced by multiple deadly attacks by state authorities against African-Americans.
  6. Nothing on this list is written to say Canada is better than the US; it's not. Nor does it negate the manifold achievements and excellence of the country. Moreover, I have lots of family members in the US whom I love.