I'm no Roger Angell, waxing decorously in the New Yorker. But the game offers valuable lessons.
  1. To succeed, you must embrace failure. The best hitters succeed roughly 40% of the time, if you include walks.
  2. Some days, the other team is much better than you are.
  3. It's zero-sum: there's always a winner and a loser. No ties, thank you.
  4. Great teams, on paper, don't always produce great results.
  5. Chemistry - let's define it as how people get along - can influence success.
  6. Seasons are long. So are years. Not every day is great, but some usually are.
  7. The best teams still lose 40% of the time.
  8. Strategy matters. It can lead to success or failure.
  9. Effort, will and the ability to adjust separate the good from the mediocre.