On Twitter, I'm discussing Star Wars new trailer with two other men. All of us are middle-aged.
  1. Age: Star Wars, the original, is one of the first movies I remember watching in the theatre.
  2. @josh was not even born.
  3. The Empire Strikes Back ruined my 9-year-old view of a fair outcome. The good guys don't win.
  4. Return of the Jedi was one of the seminal movie events of my life. Yes, the ewoks are ridiculous, but the good guys won.
  5. I attended a midnight screening of Phantom Menace, hoping it would contain some of the excitement of the first three movies. But it was bad.
  6. I am hopeful that the Force Awakens is fun, exciting movie.
  7. Star Wars reminds me that optimism matters. It's about believing a better world is possible, despite a heavy-handed Imperial occupation.
  8. Four decades later, I do believe a better, fairer world is possible.