Five unedited photos I took in Five minutes

I'm just here at home looking at my surroundings
  1. Sf MOMA wants you to know there's a fine line between young adult and adult. $6 line. It bothers me that they put Senior right in between too. Someone needs to fix that.
    I was thinking of taking a trip to the museum that's why this is open
  2. Current book I'm reading. When I bought the book there was a "staff favorites" note on it and the person who reviewed it wrote "It's like Dune on crack" The book is described as a Sci Fi Canterbury Tales. Yeah.... I'm pretty mind fucked so far.
  3. One of my cluttered bookshelves
  4. Manuel owns more hoodies than any person I know. This isn't even all of them. At night they look like hooded night ghosts and it throws me off when I get up to pee.
  5. Manuel was explaining how the sort method works.