Inspired by @rachhello
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    1. Happy
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    I like to spot out small details on people. One of the things I observe. I've done it since I was a kid, but now I take pictures of it. This is a lady in front of me in line at Whole Foods and her jeans have a tiny shark in the waves.
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    2. Shadows
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    I'm washing my sheets. Hello ✌🏽
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    3. Bent
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    4. Heights
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    5. Shallow
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    6. Drip
    I missed this day!
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    7. On the wall
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    8. Hands
    Manuel bites his nails and his knuckles when he works. I don't have my wedding band and you can see the tan line it's left on my finger.
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    9. Favorite Color
    This one's soul. I imagine it being a quiet blue color. Has the ability to calm you and tells you to trust that everything will be ok, reminds you to believe in yourself, silences the noise, makes time stop, direct staring in his eyes causes a sting in your heart, which feels like electricity going through you.
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    10. Beautiful
    Today is Mother's Day in Mexico. Feliz día de las madres mama 🌙
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    11. On the road
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    12. Sweet
    Finding out your sister has a middle school picture of you on her laptop. She said it's to embarrass me, but I still felt loved
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    13. Blue
    Doing the most. Took a snapshot of this map of Hyrule because I've been using it every day to find hidden shrines( glowing in blue). Zelda is next level.
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    14. Black and White
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    15. Tree
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    I've been terrible at keeping up with the photo a day. Today is "hard work" and I do have a picture for that. I've been preparing for the assessment I have to take to get into the school I want... lots of coding, reading, frustration, patience, and discipline.. but such a rewarding feeling when it all comes together. I won't give up on this 👩🏻‍💻