1. Zebra cakes
    You don't understand how much this man loves zebra cakes and nutty bars. The man could be a spokesperson for little Debbie.
  2. The Bee Gees
    I grew up listening to The Bee Gees because Saturday Night Fever was always on because my dad loves....
  3. John Travolta
    Yes. He idolizes disco John Travolta. I actually found a picture of my dad in the late 70's and he was wearing bell bottoms and had his hair fluffed like Travolta. This is my dad's picture on my phone when he calls. He doesn't like that Travolta is into Scientology, he always says " porque Travolta?"
  4. Chorizo
    I would wake up weekend mornings to the smell of chorizo and eggs in the morning.
  5. Large coffee mugs
    He drinks coffee every NIGHT. That's right. He is a nighttime coffee drinker. I would wake up at 3:00 a.m. to turn the tv off because he would crash while staying up late watching his movies.
  6. Space
    My dad wanted to be a Science major in college, however because of his background, he wasn't even able to finish high school. His family was very poor and he is one of 10. He has always worked two jobs and late nights ever since I can remember. I would always see him reading science magazines while growing up, and he always told me there was a world out there having other adventures. I was afraid of lightning and he told me not to be afraid, that it was just battles going on in space.
  7. .
    Of course I know none of this makes any scientific sense and is all definitely not true. I'm sure he would have made a hell of an Astro biologist. I feel like he used space and sci-fi to help during the hard times. The mysteries and wonders of space are his happy place.
  8. Mexican soccer
    He makes a huge cookout every time there is an important game. Don't even get me started on World Cup. The man would smoke cigarettes outside the house and watch the game through the window because we couldn't handle him and you could hear distant shouts or kicks to the chairs outside. When there is a gol, he picks you up and shakes you. His whole day's mood can change with the results of a game.
  9. When I see cleaning crews
    My dad did lots of janitor work as a second job. I always respect the cleaning crews. They have to deal with people being dirty and sometimes rude people who think they are better. I CANNOT stand when I see some conceited ass person talking down to a janitor or a cleaning person. Since my dad worked late nights, I wouldn't see him a lot because he usually got home when I was already getting into bed for school the next day. So there were times when he would take me to work with him.
  10. .
    After school he would take me to his second jobs. He would make a game of it and I would race him on how many cubicle trash cans I could get to before him. He would let me get candy from the fancy offices jars. Then he would get me something from the vending machines in the break room. Growing up I realized how much he did for us and how much he wanted to spend time with me.
  11. Star Wars
    When I was little and (even now), my dad would say "I love you from here all the way to Star Wars", instead of saying "to the moon and back". Over the years he changed it to other fictional places like the universe from Guardians of the Galaxy or Prometheus. Basically he loves to a place that is impossible to reach. He loves to the farthest corners of space.
  12. Dallas Cowboys
    He's their number one fan, I don't know how he does it, but he knows everything about them. This is a Mexican father you guys. In his thick English accent he will scream at the tv "es FLAG, Es FUMBLE, es PASS INTERFERENCE, es FALSE START" while he makes the arm signals along with the referee
  13. I think about my dad a lot and I know he doesn't know that. He doesn't know about this list you know? A daughters secret thoughts.