@Nicholas I'm awful at starting a requested list! I started it but I don't even know how I deleted it, ANYWAYS I'm doing it I'm doing it!
  1. So March 3rd was the release for the Nintendo Switch and my husband had to go to work early so guess who stood in line at FOUR different places
  2. All sold out
  3. I told him I tried everywhere! He was pretty bummed and kept saying he wanted to play Zelda very badly. I was like, maybe tomorrow morning Target will have gotten a new order in?!
  4. Come next morning I'm up early taking an admissions prep class for a school I'm wanting to apply to, and I realized Manuel had left to target already
  5. He arrives with the switch and Zelda and immediately starts opening everything. I'm like hey hey putting my finger to my mouth like 'keep it down' because I was doing my prep on skype with the school.
  6. As soon as I end my prep he begins getting everything ready to play. I text my sister (also game fanatic) and she texts me "TASTE THE GAME! It's suppose to taste nasty!" ..... it tastes bitter
  7. Manuel closes the blinds, to set the mood, and he says I'm really going to love this game. He's certain. He wishes it were two player so we could play at the same time.
  8. The game begins
  9. He gives me the controls and says "you play! Play! Try it!" And so I do.
  10. At first I'm like huh, I thought the little guy was Zelda and Manuel says "NOOOO that's Link"
  11. "Just play Blanca" "press x to jump" "look at the fucking graphics"
  12. I'm thinking damn this is going to take a while this "land" looks huge.
  13. I picked up some tree branches, got some mushrooms, got to the old man and thought he was sketchy.
    *said in spongebob narrator voice"
  15. I had my first tower, I was marking shrines, I was cooking that meat with fish and spicy pepper, I had my paraglider, I learned that Zelda was a princess, every time that eerie music comes on and the princess is like "Link the blood moon rises" I feel scared and usually say "fuuuck" under my breath
  16. Manuel and I realized we hadn't ate that day
  17. I start googling Zelda and realize I'm late to the game. Like late af af to the game
  18. Ocarina of time, Majora's mask.... ended up watching an incredible Majoras mask video on YouTube. I get sad and I want to KNOW MORE. WHAT HAPPENED?!!
  19. Now in the mornings I play a little bit before Manuel wakes up and I have to wait for him to get home to play because he feels left out if I keep playing and he doesn't know what's going on
  20. Then when he gets home he's like "this isn't where we left off!!!" And I usually say "I don't know what you're talking about"
  21. When I do go outside, remember I live in San Francisco, I'm walking up a hill and start to think about my stamina wheel and I realize how tired I get and how much I push Link to keep running and to keep climbing
  22. I went for a run at the park and literally stopped when I saw this because I was like this is some straight shrine location shit
  23. Static
    Even the rocks look like those Little Rock monsters
  24. So yeah... I'm basically thinking about Zelda all the time now.
  25. So far we have got two of the divine beasts, the map is INSANE LIKE INSANE AF it's huge. We have about 10 hearts and have added to our stamina wheel twice. I have lost count at the number of shrines we have.
  26. I've been reading online articles/ guides about the game. I found this weird purple monster thing on a mountaintop by the little village where the "little girl" scientist is. She asked me to bring her the blue flame so I did, then ventured to the snowy mountaintops and saw this weird monster thing but I didn't get too close. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS?
  27. Also have you heard of this "LORD OF THE MOUNTAIN" ???
  28. Static
  29. I love the horses and have caught 6.
  30. I HATE the skeletons and those blue blops that come out of the ground at an inconvenient time EVERY time
  31. I can't pass that island where they basically strip Link of all his weapons and you have to complete a challenge there. I haven't been able to complete it!
  32. I have gotten 3 of the forgotten memories so far
  34. Please please please tell me everything you've found, things I'm missing, anything!
  35. Favorite character of the game is Hestu. You give him some korok seeds and he expands your inventory while doing his little maraca dance
  36. Static
  37. This is my map so far. I KNOW I still have a long way to go
  38. This is where I am right now
  39. How am I supposed to find this memory when it looks like 70% of the locations I've been in?