Requested by Theshome

Thoughts That Go Through My Head When I'm Trying to Parallel Park

Because I just moved to San Francisco a week ago!!!!! Requested by @theshome it's so stressful!
  1. Is that a spot?
  2. Mmmm shit I don't know... there isn't any red paint so I think so? It's not blocking a garage
  3. Quick make up your minnddd damn I took too long
  4. Ok just drive around the block and then just drive back to the spot
  5. Ok turn righ... left turn only... shit ok ok
  6. Ok I can turn right here yes!
  7. Alright there's the spo... AHH MOTHERFUCK someone took it already.. ugh I KNEW it was a spot
  8. Ok let me check the other side
  9. Can I bust a U? Well fuck it
  10. *uturns*
  11. A spot! Ok just align with the car... easy, easy...
  12. *bumps car*
  13. FUUUUCK Ok ok drive away no one saw that. JUST DRIVE AWAY
  14. Oh a secret one way street ok cool
  15. Oh a spot!
  16. No red paint, not blocking anything
  17. Alright Blanca just take your time, align with the car and let me just turn my wheel ..
  18. Oh god a car is coming
  19. And it's a one way street and it can't drive around me because it's too tight of a fit
  20. Shittttttt
  21. Ah fuck man just hold on I'm just trying to parallel park
  22. Ok be cool be cool you know how to do this
  23. Ok start turning the wheel
  24. Shit ok let me put it on drive and just turn soon enough to not hit the curb this time
  25. Just raise your hand so they know you're sorry!
  26. Damn it they're probably making fun of me because I can't parallel park in one try
  27. Probably pissed
  28. Omg I'm taking so long
  29. Oh God I still have my Texas plates he totally knows I'm from out of town
  30. I'm sorry I'm new! I'm going as fast as I can!
  31. Oh shit another car is behind him now
  33. Ok ok I'm sorry I'm leaving I'm leaving I can't do it!
  34. *Drives away*
  35. *10 minutes later finds another spot*
  36. Ok fuck this I've been looking for a long ass time now I have to take the first thing I ....
  37. A SPOT
  38. Ok reverse into it you got this
  39. Fuck all you cars
  40. Oh shit oh shit
  41. I got it!
  42. Hmmm
  43. Too good of a spot to be true, is it really a spot?
  44. *checks sign*
  45. Parking for "S" which is me
  46. There's no red paint
  47. Not blocking anything
  48. Ok.. I think it's a good spot!
  49. *at home thinks about it and hopes there isn't a ticket waiting in the morning*
  50. Hmm let me check on the car
  51. Alright! It's alright!
  52. *Checks sign again*
  53. Ahhhhhh FUCK street cleaning tomorrow
  54. 😖 I have to find another spot now damn it 😣
  55. *repeats all steps in this list again*