I like to think that one day, I'll see or eat these foods and feel all the nostalgic feels for my 20s/grad school days. Some of these are my favorite foods right now, others are foods I have no choice but to eat on a frequent basis because of cheapness and convenience.
  1. Gyros
    I crave a lamb gyro on a weekly basis. I normally go for a $5 special that includes fries. Also, one must always remember that not all tzatziki sauce is created equal
  2. PB&J
    Sometimes there's nothing more comforting than coming in from a long day, taking a hot bath, then enjoying a delicious PB&J with a glass of milk right before falling asleep at 9 pm
  3. Bagels
    Coffee shop breakfast is a pre-class staple. My favorite is probably cinnamon raisin bagel with a honey almond spread. But sometimes, I'll go honey whole wheat with egg and cheese if I need some protein
  4. Soup
    I buy my own cans, but grocery stores like Publix and Earthfare serve them by the cup at their hot bar. Thai curry chicken and butternut squash with apple are my faves
  5. Wendy's chicken nuggets
    So good. So cheap. And drive through.
  6. Chips and hummus
    I honestly think the grocery store version is just as good as any restaurant's
  7. Lean Cuisine
    I've become a lean cuisine connoisseur. They have a lot more variety now than they did when I was a kid. Spinach and ricotta ravioli is bae
  8. Cheese fries
    Favorite bar food. Which is important. Obvs.