I am a first year MFA fiction student at the University of SC. @lenadunham's portrayal of MFA life at Iowa is both hilarious and in many ways, poignantly accurate. I sometimes feel like an imposter here, my mainstream qualities drowning in a sea of hipster craft beer and Nietzschean theory and Freudian analyses.
  1. My affinity for Taylor Swift.
    1989 on repeat in my car
  2. My disdain for coffee and craft beer
    I like green tea and Jack Daniels. And I don't think Starbucks is the devil. Sue me.
  3. The fact that I would list Game of Thrones as one of my favorite books
    Not to mention the fact that I love the HBO show adaptation. Not exactly high brow literary culture. #teamTyrion for life.
  4. My lack of an inspiring childhood
    Damn my parents for raising me in a loving, safe home where all of my needs and many of my wants were always met. How am I supposed to write anything remotely interesting from that??
  5. My favorite weekend activities that are completely devoid of intellectual stimulation
    Netflix and chill. But the old school kind where I'm alone and eating tacos and binge watching The Walking Dead
  6. I'm a dog person
    I finally got a cat just to fit in. I think he knows somehow and resents me for it
  7. No tattoos
    Think I just need to get a tramp stamp of a Hemingway quote and be done with it