it's about to be real stressful up in my work life & i have a tendency to ignore shit like that & watch netflix instead. here's what i watched.
  1. the entire season of My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    I've tried watching this before but was turned off by the musical numbers. turns out, when you're avoiding responsibility, you can get over that real fast!
  2. the new season of BoJack Horseman
    I all but forgot what happened in the first two seasons but my mind wouldn't let me care about that. it was too easy to sink into a mild depression because of a cartoon of a horse fucking up his own life.
  3. Gilmore Girls
    because duh. my comfort food, my warm blanket. never leave me. or netflix.
  4. the new trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
    about 34 times. I teared up about 60% of the times I watched it. (also not strictly on Netflix but on their Twitter! so it counts)
  5. John @mulaney: The Comeback Kid
    it's been recommended to me about a THOUSAND times. I've never watched an entire comedy special (I know, I know). turns out, all I needed to start was Mulaney and huge work projects looming over my head! (I love it SO much)