1. Hand Sanitizer
    To enable the OCD/Germaphobe/High Maintenance/Lazy in me.
  2. A Sharpie
  3. Camouflage Spring Assisted Stiletto Knife
    A birthday present from my former business partner. Technically illegal.
  4. A Telescoping Shovel
    Because I live in Rochester.
  5. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
    That sit crookedly on my face and cover one eyebrow but not the other.
  6. 5-Year-Old Yankee Candle Apple Pumpkin Air Freshener
    I kept it because 1. It has cute graphics, and 2. My life perpetually takes place in autumn, in my mind.
  7. A Somewhat-New Yankee Candle Midnight Coconut Air Freshener
    It may look like Darth Vader's melted helmet, but it smells like summer dreams. Which is good, in the summer.
  8. A Tiny TY Halloween Bat
    His tummy is a jackolantern.
  9. Werther's Originals
    They don't taste as good as in my childhood memories, but that won't stop me from eating them.
  10. Trusty Snowbrush
    My best friend.
  11. Gum Container Full of Pennies
    The most useless, waste-of-money money.
  12. Toothbrush
    Just in case?