I'm cold and too lazy to move.
  1. a nap
    let me just fall asleep under 50 blankets with a fan running (ykno so I don't get too hot) and just knock tf out
  2. some cake
    maybe Black Forest or maybe those little fancy ones made for one person that cost a lot but for free because I'm broke
  3. did I mention a nap
    why not
  4. a new succulent plant
    to accompany my other succulent (her name is Anaïs) that lives on my desk
  5. finishing my undergrad
    get me out of this hell
  6. a movie on Netflix about epidemics that I haven't seen yet
    I'm thinking about rewatching world war z to get into the spoopy Halloween mood
  7. a nap
    can you tell how tired I am??
  8. a nail polish colour that I won't get tired of in 3 days
    all this nail polish remover can't be good for my nails
  9. a non sketchy link to watch rupaul's drag race
    Living life on the edge with an expired anti virus