the most interesting thing to happen to me all week
  1. getting stung is probably the worst way to find out you're (deathly) allergic to bee/wasp venom
    but then again how would you know to check hmm
  2. what if it gets stuck in my hijab and gets scared and stings my jugular
    I'm at a bus stop and imagine the number of people mad at me that they have to walk a bit more to get to the bus, also traffic.
  3. Once I realized what happened and how close the wasp was to my jugular
    I felt what I would imagine was the constricting of my jugular, nice and scary.
  4. should I touch my scarf to see if it flew out yet or not
    it didn't but it left soon after
  5. I wonder how my face looked
    probably like this: 😨😰😱👀💨💧💦