Requested by @anuhea
Here's how to grow a scoby from a commercial bottle of kombucha. Sorry this took so long, @anuhea!!
  1. Things you'll need:
  2. A bottle of store bought raw kombucha. I used GT's organic raw kombucha, but any bottle of raw kombucha should work. Results not guaranteed, but this one worked very well!
  3. Green or black tea
    Use a caffeinated tea without oils
  4. Distilled water
  5. Cane sugar
  6. A glass container
  7. Making the tea:
  8. Boil water and make some sweet tea
    I use about 1/2 cup sugar to 1/2 gallon of tea
  9. Let the tea mixture cool
  10. Once completely cooled, pour the tea into your glass container and add in the whole bottle of kombucha
    For every batch of kombucha you make, you'll need starter tea to ensure proper acidic pH environment for the scoby to grow and not mold. In this case, the tea from the bottle will act as the starter tea. For subsequent batches just save like 10-15% of your precious batch to mix in with your new one
  11. Cover your jar with a towel. Label and date your jar and store out of direct sunlight for about a week or two
  12. Progression of my scoby:
    I let it grow for longer than necessary (for visual purposes), but once it looks like week one, you can use that scoby to start your kombucha batch
  13. scoby after one week:
  14. three weeks:
  15. Static
  16. Static
  17. One and a half months (?)
  18. Static
  19. It started from something that looked like this
    *not my picture*