Chelsea Peretti is my fav comedian. And if you didn't know, she has a call-in podcast. Here are a few of my favorites episodes. IS THIS LIST RELATABLE?
  1. Garlic
    There is a second where Chelsea forgets that she is Angie Martinez. With guest Iyanla Vanzant aka Jordan Peele. This ep is sooo great. ❤️❤️❤️
  2. A Prayer
    Chelsea and Brendon Walsh spend the episode saying prayers, (r)amen.
  3. Silverfish Demenita
    Her whole rant about silverfish/house centipedes, and her impression of the house swap lady, "DARKSIDEDDDDD" 😂😂😂
  4. Susan, Sam and Bong
    Bong! Bong! Chelsea, Jenny Slate, and Gabe Liedman think of alternative names for themselves. Bong!
  5. Visit from a Dear, Dear Colleague
    Because two Bay Area greats in one episode ❤️ BAY ALL DAY. Also: "Hello, this is Burbank podiatry..."
  6. Grandfathers, Make Up, Bubonic Plague
    I immediately watched Think Like a Man after listening to this ep.
  7. Being Nice, Radishes, Bear Attacks
    Nick Kroll calls in as Chelsea's ex, Chance, and a call from Retta. This ep also introduces the food test.
  8. There are many, many more fantastic episodes. Chelsea Peretti is truly one of the greats.