1. Pooping
    Everyone does it, and I get paid to do it everyday. I'm doing it now 😐
  2. Building dream guitars at warmoth.com
    If you play guitar and don't do this then sell your gear on eBay immediately
  3. Shop on Amazon
    If not for this then no one would get any gifts from me. Ever.
  4. Reading and making lists on the list app
  5. Printing personal documents at work knowing I'll never have to own, install, or use a printer in my own home ever again
    And I can act like I'm being green by not owning a printer
  6. Using internet explorer
    This may seem like a weird one, but think about this: there are still some people who use internet explorer for free, because they don't know they can download Firefox or chrome on their personal computers. I won't click on that blue "e" for less than $20 an hour, and neither should you!