Starting to really go after my goals without any hesitation
  1. Almost four months post pregnancy too!
    Hard to get in a swimsuit and parade around and "feel confident and look" like I am as well!
  2. Loving every moment of this journey though.
    I've felt like dancing and I've felt like death, I just continue to get pushing.
  3. And look forward to the future..
    Hate that this keeps cutting them off,(pictures wise) but after my daddy committed suicide this past December 1st I've had a lot of battles within and I have chosen to come out as a "Queen" and not let the troubles define me but rather be victorious regarding my thoughts and action than a victim.
  4. Thank you for looking and please let me know if you think that's few are good! Have tons more but don't want to be "that woman" LOL Thank you!
    Don't ever let your circumstances make you believe that it can't happen now or it's not going to happen or how will I get there. If you really want it, do it. No if,and's, or but's about it. The first step is always the hardest of the run and remember, if you are atleast walking, they WILL wait for you BUT you have to continue to move forward.