Middle School Jams

we used to get into huge fights about what we thought was "good music" and now we realize that most of it was the worst
  1. Hot In Herre
    Luke and I danced together to this song at La Boum and today in choir we both started singing it at the same time can you say goals?
  2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    so angsty
  3. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
    less angsty, more emo
  4. Heart Skips a Beat
    remember how we used to sing the "beat beat beat beat" part as if we were also auto tuned? fun times
  5. Come and Get It
    we changed the lyrics to "nah nah nah NOW" in some attempt to make it more sexual or something I don't know
  6. My Life Would Suck Without You
    an amazing jam made (better/worse) by Glee. also the only song I listened to in 5th grade
  7. Chelsea Dagger
    literally always a jam
  8. Paradise
    this song was me and Michael's "song" that he didn't know about but it's also a killer song
  9. Secrets
    I cried to this song after Future City was over
  10. Misery
    I imagined all of us singing this in the cafeteria and banging on the tables like The Warblers did
  11. Cotton Eyed Joe
    we literally could not escape this song
  12. anything by Lady Gaga
    also made better/worse by Glee
  13. to be continued as I think of more and please feel free to add some