Reasons Why I Am Actually Liz Lemon

Good God, Lemon!
  1. I regularly scream "WHERE'S MY MAC AND CHEESE?!"
    in context
  2. This is my go to comforting strategy:
    I have actually done this multiple times.
  3. I would totally join the football team to make a feminist statement
  4. I've gone into a nerd rage
  5. I too am in love with James Marsden
    he's a little elf prince
  6. I've sung a song about shrimp before
    shrimp shrimp shrimp shrimp shRIMP SHRIMP SHRIMP SHRIMP
  7. In fact I regularly make up songs about food
  8. I would let the love of my life get on a plane and leave me for a sandwich
    I can do it, I can have it all!!!!
  9. I'm against the sexist concept of weddings and marriage but I still want to have my special day
  10. Being a woman is the worst because of society
  11. I have several signature groans
  12. I can rock a cardigan
  13. I too am turned on by office stores and organization
  14. Our dance moves are flawless
    ly dorky
  15. Today's youths horrify me
  16. I hate the word "lovers"
  17. My fanfiction writing skills are excellent
  18. There's about a 100% chance I will say this in the future
    also in context
  19. and I don't know how to end this list so I'm just going to say LEMON OUT