From bodies in closets to the OPP this girl has stuck by me through everything
  1. Somewhere Only We Know is "our song"
    and it's the best song to have as "your song" with someone hands down
  2. She loves how feminist I am and it just makes me feel stronger
    seriously I appreciate it so much
  3. She introduced me to Glee and we both hate/love it together
  4. We would make the best comedy writers team since Tina and Amy
  5. Actually we just write really well together
  6. She's the Leslie to my Liz
    it's seriously scary how similar we are to them
  7. We even have matching tee shirts to prove it
  8. She reminds me about the APUSH homework
    but still takes the fall for me when I don't do it
  9. She's forever my partner in any class no matter what
  10. She keeps me grounded but still reminds me to dream big and chase my goals
  11. She introduced me to this app and now I'm addicted thanks Katie
  12. We both hate the same people/things
    Well for the most part. I don't have as much of a personal vendetta against Bill O'Reilly
  13. She gets really excited about a lot of things and loves a lot of really cool stuff and it's really awesome
  14. She's a total nerd in the absolute best way possible
  15. Somehow she's still friends with me after middle school
  16. That's a serious feat
  17. Seriously I'm putting it on this list three times because I cannot believe she still likes me after all that crap
  18. We have the best conversations. They're crazy and loud but we have some sort of telepathy and always understand the other person.
  19. She's just really smart and cool and I'm glad that she's in my life
    I hope she stays in it forever