Reasons Why My Brother and His Girlfriend Are Cuter Than You'll Ever Don't Even Try

even cuter than Browen
  1. they're self described as both "blind clumsy and awkward"
  2. his hands are always warm and her hands are always cold
  3. apparently they're a killer badminton team
  4. they'll FaceTime for hours, even if they're just sitting in silence both doing homework
  5. they both love animals
  6. they're the perfect height for each other so that when Brendan puts his arm around her it's so cute and casual
  7. they both get clingy and cuddly when they're tired
  8. they dressed as Ben and Leslie for Halloween before they were even dating
  9. and speaking of Halloween, that was when they had their first kiss and even though Brendan was wearing a dress at the time they still got together
  10. Brendan asked her out right before thanksgiving because he didn't want to go out of town without asking her
  11. her contact in his phone is MK👫
  12. their first kiss after they started dating was on New Years Eve but not at midnight because they couldn't wait that long
  13. MK's parents and grandma sent him candy grams during musical
  14. they also bought each other flowers during musical
  15. MK doesn't let Brendan walk home because she doesn't want him to be cold
  16. he's too skinny to give her one of his sweatshirts because it would be too small for her
  17. they're both such cinnamon rolls they deserve each other
  18. they were best friends before they started dating which I'm a sucker for
  19. I love them both to death