tried to put them in an order. didn't work out. too many good shows out there.
    my favorite show of all time. combining all of my favorite actors of all time— tyler, dylan, holland, crystal and hoechlin— in something funny, exciting, heartbreaking. amazing acting, amazing characters, great plot. season 3b is my favorite. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS SHOW.
  2. the office
    the funniest tv show that's out there. it's so hard to find a good comedy show that actually has relatable characters with good developments. the office has it all. my favorite character is probably dwight. or jim. or andy??? kevin? there are too many good ones, i'm in love with all of them. binge-watched the show in a month. totally worth it.
  3. the 100
    this show has been extremely hyped over the second half of 2015, so i decided to watch it. wasn't sure how to feel about it at first, but 5 episodes into it and i couldn't stop watching! again, great actors that totally fit into their characters. a plot that will make you lose your mind. great settings, beautiful effects, the quality of this show is unreal.
  4. how to get away with murder
    just give this show a tiny chance. just watch the first episode, and believe me, it'll be the best pilot you'll see in your whole life. the keating 5 might be some of my favorite fictional characters ever. i found myself to be aggressive realising that i'll have to wait a week per episode. the plot twists are crazy on this one!
  5. friends
    kind of sad that i wasn't there for the friends-hype. this show makes it feel like home, eventhough i binge-watched it within a few weeks 2 months ago. chandler is my favorite character, ever. the jokes didn't really make me laugh at first but by the second half of the tv show, i actually had to pause at times so i can laugh everything out? so good. so, so good. can't wait for the reunion!!
  6. the mindy project
    i had never found myself screaming at my laptop before the mindy project. DANNY AND MINDY ARE SO GREAT TOGETHER, and the episodes it took them to realise that got me crying. so beautiful. the jokes are unreal; this is one of the funniest shows ever. i love peter and morgan a lot. i'm so in love, i could watch this show over and over. also: SO MANY PEOPLE FROM THE OFFICE! i'm not complaining though.
  7. how i met your mother
    disappointing ending. amazing show. i found myself crying harder than ever before at some episodes. i love marshall— he is one of the funniest characters you'll ever see.
  8. supernatural
    god, i love this show. season 1 will always stay the best one. haven't really been into the last 2 seasons, but the ones before were absolutely genius.
  9. scream
    didn't really have high expectations, but 3 episodes later, i cried and laughed and died. the plot twist at the end= MIND. BLOWN???? amazing actors, i never expected this show to be so good. only 10 episodes and it's beautiful. can't wait for season 2!!!
  10. making a murderer
    not really sure if you can call it a tv show. binge-watched this within two days. i feel like everyone needs to watch this show, because, like, every 10 minutes it hits you— this really happened, this is real. and it's horrible, and it's heart-breaking, and it made me so AGGRESSIVE.