1. After putting cash money on a Metrocard for whatever reason the transaction fails but accepts your money anyway. All you can do IF YOU GOT A RECEPT is file a claim that takes up to 8 weeks to get information on whether or not they accept your claim and give you restitution.
  2. Vending machines that do not print receipts at this time ESP W NO HEADS UP BEFORE THE TRANSACTION
  3. No bills accepted at vending machines
  4. Seriously dangerous narrow train platforms that get even more dangerous the more crowded they get
  5. Rain that leaks into a train station in just about anyplace (I've seen waterfalls)
  6. No air conditioning on platforms
  7. Broken air conditioning on the hottest summer days in cars
  8. Air conditioners in cars that leak filthy water from the ceiling
  9. Speakers that do not work so you cannot hear announcements as to why the train is broken or whatever the hell is going on