Books I've read in 2016

  1. Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes - Tamim Ansary
    Great alternative perspective on the history of the world. Also a great intro to Islam.
  2. Bloodlands Europe between Hitler and Stalin - Timothy Snyder
    Probably one of the most sobering books I have read. It is absolutely astounding what people have done and will do. I recommend taking this book in small doses. I feel this book covers important history that people should know about.
  3. Long Walk to Freedom - The auto biography of Nelson Mandela
    Slow at times but overall a wonderful read. Great insight into what life was like in a South African prison.
  4. Dead Mountain: the untold true story of the dyatlov pass incident - Donnie Eichar
    An entertaining mystery made all the more fun because it is true. A great story to tell around the campfire!
  5. Haskell Programming from first principles - Christopher Allen and Julie Moronuki
    Still neck deep in this one but I love it! One of the best technical books I've read. Takes the perspective of a complete beginner. Also starts with some great content on lambda calculus!