What I think about Colin Kaepernick not standing for national anthem.
  1. I do not agree with his specific form of protest however, I commend him for making a stand against oppression.
    His protest ruffled a lot of feathers, that's his right, his freedom.
  2. To suggest that he should be grateful and not speak out against injustice because he received a large sum of money is disgustingly unAmerican.
  3. Admonishing Colin Kaepernick for his actions because he has white parents is akin to asking President Lincoln why he abolished slavery if he was not a slave.
  4. Lastly, those who are oppressed require the support of those free from the burden to break the bonds. The irony is by not standing for the National Anthem he embodied the American Spirit, as a person in a position to influence change he sought to help those less fortunate.