1. mushrooms in place of meat - portobello are great for "steak" - try marinating them!
  2. oyster mushrooms for oysters (the stems are great substitute for scallops), lobster mushroom for lobster
  3. hearts of palm taste exactly like mozzarella, they even have the same texture! try breading & frying them for vegan mozzarella sticks, or raw for a vegan caprese salad
  4. coconut oil and coconut milk work great for baking! coconut or hazelnut milk are my favorites for coffee. they even have chocolate hazelnut milk which is basically liquid gold (/Nutella)
  5. instead of processed vegan cheese, try cheeses made from nuts. almond & cashew cheeses are my favorite. chia cheeze is great for nachos or mac & cheese
  6. earth balance butter is pretty amazing... or just use mashed avocado with some salt.
  7. if you want an alternative to pasta, kelp noodles are amazing. so good for you and won't put you in a food coma