happy new moon in capricorn! this is the perfect time to manifest your dreams into your physical reality.
  1. 1. manifesting is simply allowing a possibility into your life. in order for something to be a real possibility, you must wholeheartedly believe it can happen. it must exist in your "realm of possibility"! you can have anything you can dream... if only you believe.
  2. 2. state what you want with "I allow..." or "I command..." and be sure to set a deadline with a specific date and time. also, be specific on exactly what you want, but allow the universe to decide HOW to give it to you.
  3. 3. focus only on what you want. every thought creates your reality - so focus on the reality you DO want. every worry brings possibilities you do not want.
  4. 4. imagine in great detail your life as if you have already manifested what you want. the greater detail, the more real it feel, the easier it will be to allow into your life.
  5. 5. if you're manifesting $, try writing yourself a check!
  6. 6. light a candle. write a list of what you want in your own handwriting. then burn the list (release it to the universe!) and put it out in a bowl of water. pour the water into soil, allow the seeds you have planted to grow 💫
  7. 7. if what you want does not happen by your deadline, keep trying. something bigger & better is building up and might take longer than expected.