1. black magic is meant to harm, to harvest energies from external sources to your advantage & their detriment. there is no regard for karmic retribution and generally a short-sighted course of action.
  2. white magic is meant to protect & further your soul progression, to energize the practitioner in a way that incites change and allows her to bring what she desires into her life, without negatively affecting those around her in any way. it is a personal pursuit to further one's earthly experience.
  3. because black magic involves others - and negatively affects them - it has both short- and long-term karmic consequences. as it often involves invoking dark spirits & low vibrating energies, it quickly drains energy for the practitioner who must find increasingly more sources of energy to feed off of. moreover, these energies stick around when
  4. called upon, which makes it difficult and strenuous (but not impossible) to change course once you have dug yourself too deep. if you have ever experienced an energy vampire (someone who drains your energy just by being around them), you will understand being on the other side of this.
  5. conversely, white magic promotes raising the practitioner's vibration, therefore energizing & furthering her soul progression and ability to access higher knowledge. when calling upon energies of 100% light frequency, we not only allow ourselves to manifest what we desire, but also open channels to higher expansion re: learning, healing, evolving