I have loved learning how to bake over the past decade but this Christmas I have noticed some new and changing personality traits that I have listed here.
  1. I went to eight stores in far-flung locales to get a canoe pan
    I didn't succeed and had to make home made twinkles in a cupcake shape.
  2. Secretly upset that my eight year old neighbor made better sugar cookies than I did.
    And too ashamed to ask for the recipe from his mom.
  3. Started buying at Costco.
    Large sizes of sugar, vanilla and flour that require a hernia belt to transport safely.
  4. My standards have changed.
    Overheard telling someone that "two sticks of butter is not a lot."
  5. Started giving my Baking as gifts
    My Google history includes searches of "How to mail fresh baked bread,"
  6. Super competitive side has emerged
    Cookie swaps have become all-consuming and require days of research strategy and planning.