1. We're at a cross roads.
    ▶️ Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson
  2. The goal of the tutorial series that we're publishing is to teach you how to build a website with WordPress, but we make most of our money designing and developing websites with WordPress. In a sense, every tutorial that we publish makes our business less competitive because there are more people that know how to do what we do.
    We're increasing the supply of labor without increasing the demand of services at a commensurate rate.
  3. On one hand, we could stop publishing lists (or delete our account, altogether) and we'd suffer few repercussions. This would be the best course of action to take if we were concerned about short-term shareholder value, but we're not.
  4. We're doubling down.
    We've already got seven more tutorials lined up and we're planning on extending these tutorials to other operating systems, as well. Any Windows or Macintosh users out there?
  5. In chess, this is called a "smothered mate." It's the first lesson that Lev Alburt, a Grandmaster and author (Secrets of the Russian Chess Masters I, Secrets of the Russian Chess Masters II, & Just the Facts), advises players under his tutelage to learn.
    Here's a link to his explanation: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=drWVx2DEF9w
  6. A smothered mate generally requires a player to sacrifice one of the most important pieces, that he or she has, in order to ensnare their opponent's king. In a sense, we're pursuing a similar strategy by publishing our production process, but if you follow this analogy to its most radical conclusion: who's our opponent and where's their king?
  7. To be continued...