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Keep doing God's work @Reductress
  1. 5 Heartfelt Texts That Mike Will Respond to With 'K'
  2. Cute Feigned Laughs for When He's Showing You Any YouTube Video
  3. Woman With Job Constantly Described as 'Fiercely Independent'
  4. 8 Adorable Swimsuits For Every Body Type But Yours
  1. Mixing both neutral tones and structured vs. voluminous silhouettes
  2. Letting her Frozen rolling bag be the stand out piece in an otherwise monochromatic outfit
  3. Baby fur !
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A month of feels and Spotify playlists.
  1. The Bird - Anderson.Paak
    Really this entire album.
  2. BKNY - Fat Tony
  3. Someday - The Strokes
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  1. Young Robert DeNiro
  1. "Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling."
  2. "Are we going to prom or are we going to hell?"
  3. "My teen angst bullshit now has a body count"
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  1. The metric system
  2. Legalizing human euthanasia
  3. FinalCut Pro
  1. Like all of Kanye's discography
  2. Wouldn't Get Far by The Game
  3. Hotline Bling by Drake
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Yes, that kind of phallus. Learn more at www.phallus.is
  1. While I was studying abroad last semester, my friend and I thought it would be funny if we went to Iceland for Halloween.
  2. Once in town, we started noticing these ads plastered throughout the city.
  3. My friend wasn't into it, but I knew I would regret it my whole life if I didn't try and figure this out.
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Inspired by @sibel 's Obama masterpiece
  1. Mermaid on the front of the ship
  2. Close up action
  3. Double fisting
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The website nobilified.com will take classical portraits and create oil paintings with your faces photoshopped onto the bodies in the original picture. I want to put myself into all of these and create a narcissistic gallery wall.
  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Marie Antoinette
  3. Lady in Red with a Dog
    LOOK at that PUPPY
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