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  1. While I was studying abroad last semester, my friend and I thought it would be funny if we went to Iceland for Halloween.
  2. Once in town, we started noticing these ads plastered throughout the city.
  3. My friend wasn't into it, but I knew I would regret it my whole life if I didn't try and figure this out.
  4. For the record, there are few grosser feelings than buying a ticket for one to a penis museum.
  5. For about $11 I was admitted into a large room full of embalmed animal genitalia, many of which were whales.
    Here is a picture from their website.
  6. I quickly notice that most of the other people in this museum seem to be small groups of middle aged American women. It seems like a weird locale for a girls' weekend, but I observe multiple women in tasteful cardigans posing next to this sperm whale penis and shouting "Karen! Take a picture of me and this one to send to my husband!"
    For reference, this entire display was about 6 feet tall.
  7. The room also had a number of crafts modeled after or made from some form of penis.
    Even the lampshade is made out of walrus foreskin.
  8. Once I'd soaked up all that beauty I moved into a side room that contained a number of cute ceramic dildos
  9. As well as an elephant penis mounted on the wall, which I hysterically can't fit into a square for a picture on this app.
  10. Quickly move to take a selfie with said elephant.
  11. After taking the selfie, I notice two older women staring at me. I smile and tell them "There's really no shame in what you take pictures with here."
  12. Their names were Nancy and Meredith and we walked around the rest of the museum together.
  13. One of the final highlights was a display in tribute to the Iceland Olympic handball team from the 1960's. After coming in second, the museum decided to cast their penises in silver and put them in the museum.
    You'll notice they didn't label which is which, probably for the best.
  14. In summary, if you go to Iceland you cannot stand to miss out on this truly incredible experience.