5 places I've lived at for >2 years rated best to worst

I've lived all over the U.S. and even overseas thanks to being in the military and then married to it. Here are my recommendations: best to worst
  1. 1.
    San Diego, CA
    'Salt water cures all things: sweat, tears or the sea' 💙Observations: people are kind and happy. Everyone wants to be "healthy" but doesn't equate health with thinness. Businesses are very supportive of the Military. It's beautiful.
  2. 2.
    Santa Fe, NM
    I grew up here so I'm biased but it's by far the most easygoing, progressive place I've lived. Worlds best food. Tons of hippies, 2nd highest concentration of LGBT in America. 🌈 Celebrities and movies everywhere. Everyone loves Breaking Bad. 10/10
  3. 3.
    Hiroshima, Japan
    I loved not living in America. My mom works in Los Alamos, so growing up with one narrative and then seeing a completely different maritime really changed me and my perspective of reality. I am fat and wear a lot of makeup, so I was mistaken for a clown often (true story). Everyone wants a picture. Life changing experience both as an American and a fat woman. I learned a lot about myself.
  4. 4.
    Savannah, GA
    While living here in 2002 Ludacris was king. I was young and nieve, I had my 1st racial experiences here. Before people were aware of their privilege, I saw it in real life but had no words to describe it. Beautiful, historic city full of art and culture and all of the best parts of southern hospitality. You experience and learn the most by listening. 🍑
  5. 5.
    DFW Area, TX
    All of the worst parts of southern heritage and pride reside here. Confederate flags, rich white racist people. Poor white racist people. Republicans and the Tea party. People brag about never leaving Texas as if that's a good thing.