A Late Listroduction™

It's me, Karen!
  1. I've never liked my name
    Karen. It's so.... Old lady AKA your friends mom is named Karen. But there are some good pop culture Karen's out there. Maybe li.st will make me one of them! (I'm a mouse, duh 🐹)
  2. I LOVE li.st
    I post about it everywhere. But some of my friends have asked "which list app are you talking about?" Most of the time, if they ask, I give them the wrong one. #sorrynotsorry
  3. I've Seen Some Shit
    I'm a veteran, a domestic violence and rape survivor, I've had 2 kids and 2 marriages and I once had a puppy drown in my backyard. It's true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
  4. I'm a Pop Culture Junkie
    I might not speak in movie quotes, and I've never finished an episode of Dr. Who, but I get the references when Seth Myers mentions them. I'm more of a Scrubs, NSYNC, Real World/Road Rules Challenge kind of gal.
  5. I Like Turtles
    And memes. Real memes- not what your friend thinks is a meme or a picture of minions or someecards.
  6. I hate cats
    I don't dislike cats. I hate them. I'm allergic to them, they're jerks. They're mean and sassy and useless.
  7. I've got an Art Blog
    And after being out of school for longer than I was ever in it, I'm going to college to get an art degree. I just want to work at a museum and sound pretentious.
  8. I'm Fat
    Who cares?!? I know. But it's shaped a lot of my life experiences and I spend a lot of time mentoring folks on body positivity.