My Favorite Authors

Maybe after reading this list you can suggest some new ones?
  1. Kurt Vonnegut
    I had to read him in high school and then I fell in love and read everything
  2. Norton Juster
    Some of the most fantastic imagery concocted in my mind was thanks to this special book I still have at my bedside.
  3. Henry Miller
    It might be because one of the most exciting/turbulent relationships I've had was with a man who embodied Millers narrative voice. It might also be because I hate that voice so much, but relate to it in ways that make me so uncomfortable.
  4. Andy Warhol
    His brilliance and weirdness (one in the same?) make me read his words and ache for my ideas and thoughts to be as unique as his. My thoughts at their best are a mishmash of Warhol and Kanye and at worst the consumer who loves them both as much as I.
  5. John Nichols
    This book is in such rough condition in my home, although I own many more by John Nichols. This book reminds me of home and simplicity and family and reading it is so vivid in my mind that I would bring it with me on field exercises in the Army like others would a bible to transport me to a world in which I never lived but felt as if I did.
  6. Louis Sachar
    Although I am sure many of you would pick Dr. Seuss or Rhold Dahl in a slot like this, Louis Sachar made it acceptable to be weird, and yourself, and enjoy reading for me without any pretentiousness or hidden moralities: everything was on the table and fast moving and characters developed painfully, just like real life! Louis Sachar represented the ability to write and touch lives even if your inner voice wasn't Hunter S Thompson.