Screen Names I've Used

I remember you from ((insert dead social network))
  1. Fruitfly
    My 1st email address was 📧 There must have been a sweet JNCO discount behind that one. 🚶
  2. K-K-Karen
    In real life it sounds like a stutter. Online it sounds like I'm a racist. 🚫 Some things don't translate well.
  3. PirateHookerXxX
    MySpace was shiny and new and Anchor Man was a big deal. 🐳
  4. Cockzombie
    Having been stuck with this one for over 10 years thanks to an account on an alt girls nudie website, I've evolved from explaining it away by being a zombie for cock (awkward in my experimenting with college girls stage) to reanimating your privates current day. This one will haunt me forever. 💀
  5. LieutenantCookies
    The name I gave my dog made for a fantastic screen name until I had to shorten it and no one knew what ltcookies meant. 🐶
  6. Bluerazzblowpop
    My all time favorite candy, I fell in love with it again after being introduced to marijuana edibles. 🌲