Signs From Japan 🇯🇵

Helpful signs for expats
  1. Don't put your makeup on in the train
    They find it super rude
  2. How to sit on the toilet
    Stupid Americans (baka gaijin)
  3. Don't pay for cabs in tennies
    Even if you can. They don't like it. Sorry for that one time I was drunk sir.
  4. Not Actually Sure Here
    But if I see bunnies with rockets, I will run away.
  5. Electricity Company
    High voltage: so kawaii
  6. Font Style: campfire
    Again, sorry for lack of translation
  7. Vintage Train Sign
    Their transportation is out of this world!
  8. Snappy Crabs
    On doors that close, these crabs symbolize that your fingers or hands can get hurt when they shut
  9. Women Only
    Don't get on this train car if you are male. Unfortunately, you still can't do your makeup in here for some reason.