I acknowledge these things are problematic but I love them secretly anyway.
  1. Energy Drinks
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    I know I should really not be pouring this crap into my body but grown up soda in candy flavored keeps me awake in college: something I'm 15 years late to. My kidneys tried to talk some sense into me but monster: I can't quit you.
  2. The Real World
    Ok: so I've seen literally every episode of every season since Puck. The last couple of years have been the worst: but this season of go big or go home was exactly the right amount of delicious wtf 🐸☕️
  3. Suicide Girls
    I keep getting older but they stay the same age. I've been a member of this damned website for 10 years, and while I quit paying for it about 6 years ago, I still contribute even though Sean (the owner) is a mysoginist and the fat hatred and lack of racial diversity is maddening.
  4. Katy Perry
    Her cultural apropreation is well meaning- not that it excuses her from doing better. That and her mean girl dramz is tiresome so I simply regress to teenage me while enjoying her work (in moderation, of course).
  5. RuPaul Drag Race
    RuPaul in general with his strangely transphobic and startling fat hate is off putting. So I try not to think about it and just watch it stoned out of my mind.