Push your rankings up for your online store with these 5 tips 👇🏻
  1. Improve page load time
    People don't like to wait. Google knows this and will knock you for it.
  2. Use UX-friendly popups
    Popups are a great way to increase conversions! Just don't get too annoying or go overboard. If your user has a poor UX your time on site may fall, bounce rate will increase, overall making your rankings go down 👎🏻
  3. Implement schematic markup
    Learn more about how this can help search engines find your product information and display it in search results here http://bluestout.com/blog/e-commerce-seo-dos-donts-2015/
  4. Conduct a black hat SEO exorcism (or at least a cleanse)
    If you've been around for a while, chances are you for your black hat on. It's OK. Just make sure to clean it up now before it gets the best of you!
  5. Be patient! 🙄
    Changes take time. You can expect to see changes between 4-6 months.