10 Random Facts about Me

  1. I'm preternaturally good at Rock, Scissors, Paper.
    No, really.
  2. I'd be a practicing Buddhist if I weren't a bit lazy.
  3. I've got a PhD in Linguistics, but I now do tech research.
  4. I spent my adolescence and 20s in New Orleans.
  5. I have 70 pages of a novel that I want to finish within the next two years.
  6. I lived in Prague for half a year in my early 20s.
    The architecture and beer were nice; otherwise not my scene.
  7. I once watched a chicken get sacrificed to a local deity in Guatemala, and it was scary as shit.
  8. Caravaggio is my favorite painter.
  9. I saw Nina Simone perform in her final US tour.
    I cried the whole time.
  10. I have a husband and three daughters, but it's important to me that my identity be distinctly separate from those relationships.