I'm just lukewarm on history with a capital H (e.g. Rise and Fall of Empire X, dynastic wars, Magna Carta), but I live for history of certain topics, such as:
  1. Historical linguistics
    Especially the history of word order and auxiliaries in English, Indo-European and Amerindian languages, and theories on the evolution of language more generally
  2. History of houses and household items
    Home-building materials, bathing and toilets, forks, bedding material
  3. Historical migration routes
    Roma route from India to Europe, indigenous Americans' passage down the Pacific coast, 50,000-year-old route to Australia
  4. Historical extinction events
    Super volcanos, the deluge that went across N. America and messed sh!t up, and of course, giant meteors
  5. History of modern humans
    Especially the last 100,000 years, but also the last 6 million years since we broke up with the other apes
  6. History of religions
    Animism, polytheism, monotheism...
  7. Historical foods
    Recipes from the Roman Empire (like drunken oysters), cooking with fire, using spices to disguise the taste of spoiling meat, the first time folks figured out how to rise bread...
  8. History of marriage
    Because contemporary western marriage is brand new!