Things Most People Do Not Want to Hear About

Unless presented in a diverting list form of course, most folks I know do not want to hear about—
  1. Your genealogical research
    A great-great grandma from Vienna? Don't care. You're descended from medieval royalty? So's everybody else (cuz genetic drift), and still don't care.
  2. Your trials with insurance claims
    It was awful enough when I went through it. No need to experience it again vicariously.
  3. Anything longer than the elevator version of your novel or dissertation
    Unless we're in a writing group together, then I'm totally down.
  4. Your dreams
    Surely you already know better.
  5. Why I should join your cult/religion/belief system.
    Yes I've heard of Abraham Hicks and no I don't think I can wish away cancer.
    Suggested by   @kamina
  6. That you got bullied in middle school
    Supermodels ALWAYS say they had it hard because they were bullied in middle school. So was everyone. That's why middle school exists!
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  7. Anything other than "fine", when they ask "How are you doing?"
    Suggested by   @laurham820
  8. Your kid's potty habits
    Subset—your potty habits
    Suggested by   @loriatx