Kickass Female Skateboarders

Ooooh I just hung out with some awesome ladies who advocate for women's skateboarding. Here is a list of some of my favorite female rippers.
  1. Elissa steamer
    Because she rips and she's real as shit!
  2. Marissa DelSanto
    Because she is the homie and she shreds!
  3. Amy Caron
    Good attitude good style.
  4. Amelia Brodka
    Dude, she is smiling through this monster stale fish. Also we had lunch last week and she's vegan (like me) and she's a huge advocate for women's skateboarding.
  5. Ari Larratt
    Ok. I'm biased. She's a beginner, She's super smart and an incredible artist. She also thinks I'm too immature and that I need to dress like the other parents